The No Update Update

1. Baby is not showing any signs of arriving. In fact, the baby is head down, but head facing the wrong direction. Google tells me this means labor is harder to start naturally (not enough pressure on the right spots), more likely to have water break without really being in labor (which happened with Jo), longer labor, longer pushing, etc. So I've got that going for me.

2. On the plus side, babies in this situation often turn face back when contractions do get going, plus if I spend a lot of time on all fours there is a chance the baby will flop into position. So I weeded my flower beds tonight, but I refuse to scrub floors, and when I am in this position Jo feels compelled to either jump on my back or crawl under me. And with this belly, there is a very low clearance which she finds an enjoyable and funny challenge. Humans are not meant to be on all fours, especially with a sagging sow back and humongous gut. It is not attractive, nor is it comfortable.

3. Wednesday I got a call from Luke who said, "This is the SECOND day in a row that I've poured a bowl of cereal with ANTS in it. Get an exterminator appointment TODAY." He was not happy. I started laughing, which didn't help his mood. So we're out 2 full boxes of cereal & $225. But I've got a six month warranty against ants which is worth it.

4. Speaking of Luke, I got a text from him last week that said this:
"Our toothpaste option is HORRIBLE. I refuse to live like this."
It was arm & hammer baking soda/whitening toothpaste, and he's right- it was horrible. We've since replaced it.

5. More on Luke: (and this was my f/b update today) My husband likes to tell me each day which times would work best for HIM for me to go into labor. Today, for example, it is advisable for me to wait until after 3pm.

6. I don't want it to seem like I'm dishonoring my husband by making fun of him. He puts up with a lot. He cleaned all my carpet/upholstery on Wednesday. He power washed our patio. He dances to Taylor Swift with his daughter. He doesn't complain when I bring her into bed even though he gets the business end of her lengthwise body, and bruised ribs to show for it. He grills dinner every night, and keeps the laundry going. And best of all? He tells me to go take a nap when I need one, which is often. Don't get me wrong- I know I'm a catch, but I'm pretty sure I got the better end of this deal.

7. We switched back to Direct TV today for the football season. Luke just found out that all the broncos games he dvr'd last season are still saved on our box. So tonight we get to take a trip down memory lane, reliving the highs & lows of the bronco's last season. That should explain why I'm working and blogging tonight.

8. If ever I glowed, that light bulb has long since burned out. I have never been so irritable in my life. I am starting to puff and swell.

9. My doctor said the longest she can let me go medically without inducing is 8/15. That served as no measure of comfort.

10. I forgot to pay my mortgage this month. I forgot to turn off the water the other day, which overflowed my pond. I forgot to turn off the water again tonight, which means we have a well soaked lawn. I lost my debit card today. I am losing my mind.


Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Turn baby, turn! I want a video of Jo crawling under baby sis :)

Brianna said...

Oh good, you're forgetting things too! Now I can blame genetics AND the pregnancy! Whoo hoo! (Seriously though, hope the baby turns soon! And that labor is WAY easier with this little one than Jo!)