Baylor's Peeps

Baylor has had a steady stream of visitors- and while I haven't done a perfect job of getting pics of him with his fans, I have gotten quite a few!

The Keels

Auntie Naomee:

Grandma Jo:

Lexee- (Jo has told Baylor lots of good things about how wonderful and fun Lee-Lee is!)

Aunt Liz- who earns lots of points for getting choked up over my son. THAT is the way into a mommies heart!

Isn't my husband dashing?


Aunt Laurie- who gets the award for longest drive (9 hours!) to see this baby!


Richard & Christina:
From 2011-08-08

Big cousins Christina & Cassandra:
From 2011-08-08

LOTS of cousins!

Uncle Bart- this is funny b/c I didn't take a pic of him holding Baylor- just Jo! Oops!

My 84 year old Nannie- with her first great-grand son-- the first boy born into the Stephens family in 27 years!

Aunt Linda & Cousin Julia (who introduced Jo to painting & piano playing!)


Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Baylor is a popular little man! I also love that Finley has the same shirt as Julia!

Patty & Jack said...

LOVE that Bart and your dad took a LONG lunch to come visit. That was a cute story.

The Ropp Family said...

I miss that little man! I know you're camping this weekend, how about next weekend I come up?!