baylor's visit to the hospital

Saturday we were at a brunch & noticed Baylor was BLUE! I jumped up to grab him, laid him down on his back, and he started to get color back in his face very quickly. He was VERY blue- not just blue lips, but blue HEAD. Super scary, but thankfully he pinkened right up & showed no other signs of distress. We hopped in the car & took him straight to Emanuel.

The short story is this: Baylor seems to be doing fine. It could have been the position he was in or a virus in his chest, or any host of other fluke to scary reasons. It has not happened again, but because his chest xray indicated he may be fighting a virus & the fact that his oxygen levels were getting kind of low, we're here for a second night.

So Baylor is getting his due pomp & circumstance upon entry into this world, and Jo is getting some serious Daddy time:

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