Unending Joy

Luke is traumatized by screaming toddlers, so he really REALLY doesn't want to take jo to her swim lessons while I'm recovering from childbirth. My mother in law & dad are not put off by screaming toddlers, so they're going to tag team swim time. My dad hadn't been swimming with Jo before, so a few weeks ago we met at the pool to show him the ropes. There's a water slide there. People go down it with toddlers all the time. Here's how a normal adult takes a child down the water slide:

And then there's my dad- who took the slide like he was competing in an olympic luge event. He is laying flat on his back with legs and limbs in for reduced friction and maximum speed - all the while with poor traumatized jo on his tummy. Jo will never ask to go down the slide again. This video brings me unending joy- I laugh so hard I cry.

Jo got over it, obviously.
From 2011-07-23


Patty & Jack said...

OMG this isSO funny!!! Watched it with my coworker and we just about died laughing!!!!

Hans and Elizabeth said...

This is amazing Michelle.
Uncle Casey - nice work.
Hans and I watched it at least 5 times. Also laughing so hard we were crying.

I would expect this from a teenager who took his niece out to the pool... but a grandpa who raised 3 kids himself? Completely unexpected. Love it.
(Glad Jo survived unscathed).