5 hrs on MAX

Yesterday a significant portion of my extended family went on a max (public transport...) adventure. Public transport is not complete without one crazy man singing "give peace a chance," and yesterday didn't dissapoint. Sara, who sees the teachable moment in every circumstance, leaned over to her teenagers and said, "see, that is why you say NO to drugs."

We took 4 children under the age of 3 plus 5 teenagers from Clackamas Town Center to the Nike Employee store (read: BEAVERTON). The plan was to stop at the zoo on the way home, but in a strange twist of fortune/misfortune (depending on which age group you asked) the zoo was closed. It was a 5 hr round trip ordeal, each way on max accounting for about 2 hrs.

1. Nursing on the MAX, which truly didn't seem to phase the guy sitting next to me. He must have been an experienced public transit commuter...or maybe he was just thankful to not be sitting next to "give peace a chance" guy.
2. Finley getting a diaper change on the MAX.
3. Hearing the words, "Final Stop" unexpectedly downtown, where we were not planning on figuring out a train switch.
4. Kimberly lamenting the lack of starbucks at all nearby stops (I was lamenting with her)
5. All of us lurching & jerking around each time the train screeched to a halt.
6. Herding the children away from the dead nutria at the greenspace by the employee store where we enjoyed or picnic dinner after finding out the zoo was closed.
7. Jo skinning off the better part of her knee in front of the employee store while trying out her new running shorts.

It was an adventure to be sure!

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Patty & Jack said...

WILD day!! Sounds like a pretty good adventure though. :)