Newborn pics

Baylor is a month old now, but these pics were taken when he was 2 weeks old by our favorite photographer, Stephanie Klein. I love my little newborn, but the pics of Jo are my favorite- Stephanie captured her spunk and personality perfectly!

Doesn't he have the most kissable lips?

Luke trying to reason with Baylor (a scene sure to be repeated often before he turns 18)

I love her arm around her daddy. He calls her "little monkey" and she calls him "silverback."

This is about right...

The same look she has when she sits indian style (oops, i think the pc term now is "criss cross applesauce" on our floor watching Elmo's World)

FAKE smile:

REAL smile:

Twerpy look she gives you when she doesn't buy your line, or when she is talking crazy:

Baylor's cute little belly button:

I believe he may have the strictly utilitarian, pointy, Middlebrooks rear:

Last one:

Oops- I lied

and you believed me!


Anonymous said...

Love all these newborn pics. Aunt lexee

Nina said...


Kate & Matt Heihn said...

Oh, I LOVE them!!!!

Izzie said...

OMGOSH!Those are the most adorable pics!

Anonymous said...

oh how i love these. i see a lot of mitch in jo's pics ooxx