Conversations with "Terry"

Today's the first, which means one thing in this hood: grocery shopping w/Terry. Luke's out of town so Terry acted as my male chaperone while we stopped to pick up a craigslist find - Jo's first big girl bed. I'm not sure Terry is physically capable of kicking anyone's ass, but I know one thing: he'd go down swinging :)

Anyhow, here's some highlights from tonight's venture...

Terry on Cleanliness (since you don't know him, I'll tell you: that is ironic)
Terry: Yep- (this is how he begins most sentences) everyone keeps telling me, 'You know you're the only man livin alone that's got such a clean 'partment!' And I say, 'Yep. Well I like my 'partment real clean.' Ya know, when my wife was alive, she didn't do no cleanin. But I'm keepin it real clean. I got it all straightened out. And after I clean the rug I got that deal- ya know- where you spray it around the room (insert image of Terry squirting an imaginary spray bottle in my car) and makes it smell real nice.

Terry on Holiday Decor
Terry: This Christmas I'm gonna do things different.
Me: Oh yeah? (this is the only prompt he ever really needs. Scratch that- he doesn't really need prompts, but it feels weird to not interject every now and then)
Terry: Yep. Ya know those deals that go outside and light up? Look like trees?
Me: Yep.
Terry: Well I'm gonna get a big one and a small one. And put up some more lights. (Terry is the Griswold of Milwaukie, with the most haphazard mish mash of lights strung together you'll ever see. I can't complain...I gave him our old lights last year. He usually has them up about 2 weeks BEFORE halloween...)

Terry on Health
Terry: Yep- My doctor's real proud of me!
Me: Oh yeah?
Terry: Yep. I went in and saw him and he said my sugars are better (Terry's diabetic), my blood pressure is real low (hopefully not too low), and ya know that other deal, oh what's it called? Well the other thing is real good too. And I'm down 200 lbs(!!!). Yep, I lost some weight (patting his stomach). He says he wishes all them would do what he tells 'em like I do. Ya know, his patients. And I told him, 'Yep! I'm gonna stay on this earth a lot longer!'
Me: Yep- that's good. We want you on this earth longer.
Terry, laughing: Yep! EVERYONE wants me on this earth longer!

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