Locked Up Abroad

I think that is the title of the show Luke's forever watching- where (for the most part) idiot crack heads get caught smuggling crack in their...cracks... and then get imprisoned in pretty sketch jails for years on end. The show always paints them as innocent victims (almost heroes) but I like to remind myself: if you don't put drugs in your private parts & try to skip town you significiantly reduce your risk of being "locked up abroad."

Anyhow, while in Phoenix, Savannah kept closing her & Jo in rooms. Jo has an irrational fear of closed doors (because she can't open them, mostly) and so Jo would scream and Savannah would try to talk her down, and one of us would open the door eventually. We got really concerned one morning though when we heard BOTH Jo & Savannah crying.

When we finally turned off the soap opera we were watching and put down our bon bons and wine spritzers (a typical agenda for stay at home moms, obviously) to attend to the children, we found that they were locked in the play room.

Katie, Daniel, me & Finley set about trying to free the girls. They were HYPED up. Katie offered them her hands under the door, and she said they were both SQUEEZING her hands. Now remember, they were locked in a play room. Not a dungeon, not a lion's den, etc. They were surrounded by toys. So it was sort of comical.

Girls get stuck: (worth watching for about 5 seconds only)

Finally (and I mean after about 5 minutes) I got the other door open. Watch their tearful evacuation. Jo, despite being very distraught, was not leaving without her lego wagon.


Patty & Jack said...

ok this made me laugh SO hard!!!

Kate said...

This is the best!!!! Oh, the memories we have created. Don't you hope this will be one of their first memories of one another - lol!