Luke & I have very little in common...

Yesterday I drove Luke's truck while he was out of town. I buy furniture while he is gone, and needed his cargo space. Anyhow, the point of the matter is this:

Out of 6 possible matches, we only have 2 radio station pre-sets in common.

His first three choices are weird radio stations I've NEVER listened to! I think one was like classic rock, and I'm not sure what the other two were.

Oddly enough, our first radio station in common (his #4 and my #6) was z100, 100.3. That's the one all the cool kids listened to in 4th grade, but that I could never get clearly on my radio-alarm clock since we lived too close to the station on Macadam. I'm still not quite cool enough to listen to it. The show is actually recorded in Phoenix, and my very favorite thing that happens on z100 is during the morning commute. They have this Mexican guy (I think- I'm horrible at placing accents) do the traffic. He does the local Portland traffic for us too. His accent is AWESOME, and at the end he says, "theeese is ___(i forgot his name), for dee johnjaaaay and reeeech."

The other station we have in common is 99.5 The Wolf (aka KWJJ for veteran listeners). This pleases me because I've listened to this station since 4th grade when I realized I had no chance of getting z100 in without static. At that time (and maybe now?) 99.5 and 98.7 were hotly competitive country stations. You had to choose your allegiance, and I chose 99.5. As an adult I cannot objectively give you even one small reason why 99.5 is superior to 98.7, except that in my mind, cool kids listen to 99.5 and slow, old people listen to 98.7. That is totally unfounded because they play EXACTLY the same music. In fact, I have both pre-set in my car, but 99.5 is first. Also, I cannot stand their morning show, Mike & Amy. Everything he says drives me nuts, and she is nice enough but her laugh makes me cringe. Anyhow, I'm glad Luke & I have common allegiance to the same country station.

The dark horse of Luke's radio station pre-sets is his #6: 88.something fm, which is instrumental music. I have a growing fondness for my instrumental-inspired station on pandora, where words are nay to be found. Listening to instrumental music (typically upbeat/scottish/violin/fiddle/guitar-y) officially means I am OLD OLD OLD. It is like graduating from picture books to books with only words. Dull and old. Fun fact- my super favorite instrumental song is called "The Gloaming" and it almost always stops Baylor from crying in the car. But ONLY that song.

In pre-marital counseling, the pastor told us we should develop some common interests. We tried golf. He liked it and I hated it. Thankfully the pastor agreed to marry us anyhow. We still have very little in common- in fact only 33% of our radio stations-- but the thing we DO have in common is that we like each other. And we have the same views on God, politics, and money. So I guess if you agree on the big stuff you can overlook 3 poor choices on someone's radio pre-set.

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Peaby said...

The real question is, did you get a KWJJ Loyal Listener card? No? I did...