Second children

First children grow out of the swing before you need to replace the batteries.
Second children (I won't name names) get a second battery change before 3 months of age.

First children get pacifiers boiled in hot water before use.
Second children get pacifiers sucked clean by mom after hitting the floor.

First children get shopping cart seat covers to avoid germs.
Second children get a strengthened immune system.

First children get changed 3 times per night for maximum dryness.
Second children only get changed if they leak.

First children sleep in mom's room until about 7 months of age.
Second children get the boot at 2.5 months.

First children get bathed each night, as part of a peaceful bed time routine.
Second children get bathed when they start to smell.

First children are loved to pieces by their momma.
Second children are loved to pieces by their momma.


Peaby said...

true thoughts, and a great picture!!

Aunt Nancy said...

You can only imagine what happens to fifth children! :-) Beautiful photo!