This was a quote from one of our aunts, upon meeting our son: "I love the name 'Baylor'! But...where did you come up with his middle name???" That sums up the majority of feedback we've gotten on our choice of names. But I mean come on- it's not like we named the kid Apple or January or something really obscure. So here's the break down of what Baylor's middle name is intended to mean and not mean:

1. "Blitz" doesn't mean the 2011 movie starring a bunch of people I've never heard of. IMDB says the film is about "A tough cop is dispatched to take down a serial killer who has been targeting police officers."

2. "Blitz" doesn't mean "Blitz" as in the 1960's beer brewed in Portland by the Weinhard brothers. I'd consider rethinking this except that Blitz beer was apparently the PBR of its time, and my son is more of a fancy craft-brewed seasonal ale kinda guy.

3. "Blitz" doesn't mean "Blitz" as in the software development firm whose website is so crappy I'd never buy something computer-related from them.

4. Most definitely, "Blitz" is NOT refering to the bombing of Britain by the Germans in WWII. No thanks.

Baylor IS named "Blitz" for the football tactic (which is actually named after the German bombing strategy). Wikipedia says this: "A blitz or red dog is when players on or behind the line of scrimmage during a play, are sent across the scrimmage line to the offensive side to try to tackle the quarterback or disrupt his pass attempt." Isn't that what ALL football plays are about? Lost on me. Anyhow, this was all Luke's idea.

And it is better than Baylor "Red Dog" Middlebrooks.


Kate said...

best picture of daddy and baby bay!!!

Kate said...

ps I think Jason Stathman is kind of a big deal...and kind of a hotty - just fyi :) Not that he is worth naming a baby after

Anonymous said...

I do kind of like RED DOG, I think there is also a beer named RED DOG. But I really don't think he will be the craft seasonal ale type guy, more of the Bud type. However he is related to Little Casey whom was a bud guy but has changed to a seasonal ale guy, who would have known.

Patty & Jack said...

How do you not know who Jason Statham is? Also Baylor is TOO cute in this picture! LOVE IT