a few things

1. Tonight I got Jo OUT of bed because "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" was on TV. It seemed like a good idea, and it was. She was thrilled. She kept saying, "he not a very nice guy." Then she asked where baby Jesus was.
2. I just opened a bag of dark chocolate peanut m&m's and I have bad intentions.
3. Our new nanny started today, so far so good. She's into crafting- her & Jo made an advent count down construction paper chain. Mostly I think she made it, but she said Jo was into the glue stick portion of the craft.
4. I got my tires rotated today at les schwab & then an oil change, which is more TLC than the car has seen since it rolled off the lot. My dog is jealous of my car. My husband is jealous of the dog.
5. I put Baylor down for two naps today via this incredibly complicated routine: I layed him down. That was it. Boom. Parenting expert. Let me know if you need any parenting advice. (Please don't remind me of this post when I realize he will never go to sleep this easily ever again).
6. Yesterday morning there was a blue stock pot (like the speckled blue kind you use for camping) and lid on my doorstep. I opened it cautiously, quite certain I'd find a severed head or a king cobra. It was empty. I don't know who put it there, so I put it in my shed which is where all things ranging from useless (a broken tomato cage) to precious (previously mentioned dark chocolate m&m stockpile) end up. We clean out the shed 2 times every year- always vowing to really keep it organized from now on.
7. My son likes to socialize with one of our couch pillows. He laughs and smiles at it. I keep trying to get it on video. I am choosing not to read too much into this. With limited license my mind has still come to the following conclusions: a) he's destined to be a couch potato b)he'll befriend couch pillows over other children c)he thinks the pillow is his mom d) he likes the couch more than me.
8. As a combined result of old age + living in milwaukie, I am becoming increasingly desensitized to hideously overdone Christmas light displays. My neighbor "Terry" has had his lights up since before Halloween. Some guy down the street has $3/foot color changing "lightshow" Christmas lights. I know the cost and name because I was jealous and googled it. Color changing "lightshow" lights are pretty obnoxious...and I want them.
9. I succumbed to a $13 fiber optic fake mini-tree from Walmart. I love the color changing magic and for $13 I couldn't push my cart past it. When I got home and unpacked it before unloading my kids from the car (just teasing) Luke said, "I like where your head's at." He thought this was "the" tree for the year. He was sorely mistaken and quickly corrected. It is a bonus tree. The big tree is still to come.

Merry Christmas!

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