Happy Halloween!

Remind me next year that MAKING a costume is NOT better than buying one. Again my daughter was subjected to a messy tangle of tulle and sparkles, which ended up being more expensive than an overpriced target costume. Baylor was a lobster & Jo was a 'parkle princess with 'parkly dress and 'parkle shoes. After one house the "trick or treat" concept sunk in & she was off & running!

For Jack & Patty's halloween party, Luke & Baylor were carpet cleaners & I was a dirty rug. Very clever. Mostly crafted around the fact that luke generally refuses to dress up for this sort of thing.

Carpet cleaners typically wear pants. If they show up without pants and they're older than this guy, close the door and LOCK it.

The whole gang- There were some awesome costumes- I think my favorite was Chris in the back- a 6'3 GIANT chicken. The costume was a little short for him. There were some unnecessary chicken thigh sightings.

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