Jesus and some unrelated thoughts

A few unrelated thoughts:

1. Today I asked Jo if she wanted to pray for anything and she said, "Dear God, thank you for Jesus. He is a good man." Out of the mouths of babes.
2. I am glad for point #1 above, because I am attempting to untangle the following theological elements in the mind of my 2 year old:
a) Jesus' birth & Christmas
b) Santa Claus & Christmas
c) The Elf on the Shelf
d) Veggie Tales, including the Veggie Tales nativity set in which baby Jesus is represented by a small cucumber.
e) Baby Jesus vs Grown up Jesus
f) Disney Princesses vs Barbies, and Jesus. She told Princess Ariel and Snow White the other day that Cinderella was Jesus. Hopefully God's got a sense of humor.
3. Luke was in a good mood the other morning, and I was not. He felt especially chatty about something I didn't feel like talking about (something really dumb- like what we were having for dinner or something) and I had not had my coffee yet. I told him, "Talking more is not helping this conversation."
4. Jo tebowed today in her Denver Broncos cheer costume (Thanks Aunt Laurie!) and 'parkle shoes (of course). Her daddy is so proud. GO BRONCOS!

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