Overheard on the playground

One of my favorite "Jack" stories is from when he was in sixth grade, away at outdoor school. Mom & Dad received one brief letter from him. In his crooked, sprawling scrawl, this is what it said:

Dear Mom and Dad,
Outdoor school is da bom.

Da bom. I may need to do a post on Jack stories. There are lots of them.

Last week I took Jo to the elementary school playground. The after-school kids were on recess so Jo stood back and watched for a while before climbing on the equipment. There was a wild pack of girls running rampant through the playground. Jo ran with them on the fringes, laughing and squealing with all the joy of a lone wolf newly accepted into the pack. She was especially impressed with one gals 'parkle shoes.

While kicking it with first graders, here's what I had the pleasure of overhearing:

In confidence: "I am the ULTIMATE android!"
In protest: "Zombies CAN'T run!!!"

One girl to me:
girl: "Can I show you something?"
me: "Sure."
girl, showing me a piece of plastic jewelry she found, "finders keepers!"
me: "Oooh, that's neat."
girl, pointing at her eyes: "yeah, I found it cuz I have GREAT eyesight!"
girl, pointing to where no cat is: "like, I can see that cat over there."

Two boys dibsing super powers:
"I call night-seeing."
"I call DAY-seeing."
"That sucks."

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Aunt Nancy said...

Oh man, this is a tv sitcom just waiting to be made! Great post!