Christmas Festivities

When we went to get our tree a few weeks ago, the first thing Jo saw was the nativity scene. She wanted to touch baby Jesus so we let her. (Why is it that whenever I say or think or write "Baby Jesus" I am haunted by the sound of Will Ferrel's voice in Taladega Nights!?)

Here are the mobile members of our family. The stationary/drooling one stayed in the car (It was a VERY small lot and we were there all of five minutes)

And just tonight I took Jo & Baylor to see Santa. Predictably Jo was more frightened than excited- but I think she warmed up to him a little.
From 2011-12-15

And finally- a little video of Baylor-man for Daddy who is out of town and misses his kiddos!


chris said...

leaving the baby in the car? sounds pretty milwaukee....

Nina said...

Christmas blessings to your sweet family and a wonderful new year!!