My project

While on a walk one night we came by this desk, sitting for free on the curb. I talked Luke into driving back for it, with intentions of painting & distressing it. I never finish projects I start- this is a rare exception!
From 2011-10-23


What I like the most about this desk (besides the hardware & that it was free) is that it was horribly beat up- scratches everywhere. In two places someone carved something into it. Not a swear word or profanity though- in both places they carved Jesus. I love that.


Kate said...

it looks great! where are you going to put it?

The Hamiltons said...

This looks so goos Michelle!!

Nina said...

Beautiful finished piece ....beautiful words carved on it(: Also I wanted to tell you how thankful I am that you are my Mike's boss. You are a blessing!!!