a post to make up for the last one

If there is one thing I cannot stand, it is sappy gooey gushy public displays of pollyanna-ness (ie my previous post). Sometimes I am prone to these outbursts. In fact, I bet statistically speaking 1 out of 5 posts I write make someone like me gag. You know: "I'm so lucky. I just got a speeding ticket but I am just so darn thankful for the reminder to drive safe." or "I am being audited by the IRS which is just an awesome way to help me be more accurate on my taxes!" So rather than un-blog it I will let it be, and instead counter it with this post. I sincerely meant everything I wrote below- I am thankful and happy. That is a wonderful reality. THIS is also a reality, if a bit less happy-warm-fuzzy:

Dangers of Potty Training & a Solve-It-Yourself Potty Training Equation

I knew potty training would be messy business. Cleaning up accidents. Pee pee in the car seat. The trials of a toddler learning do-it-yourself wiping. I was NOT prepared for the following:
1. Once I kissed Johonna and got a fleck of poo on my LIP. This means it was on her FACE. No amount of listerine can erradicate this.
2. Here's a potty training story problem:
1 toddler goes #2 in a potty training toilet in her room. Toddler walks out to living room with pants around ankles saying, "HOORAY! I WENT POOP!" Mom jumps off couch to take toddler to the real bathroom for clean up efforts that deserve appreciation but get none. Mom returns to toddler's room to clean out the toddler potty. There is now 1 dog in the room and zero #2.

You do the math.



Kate said...

Haha!!! Good old Rucker, who needs appreciation from a child when you have a clean up crew in the form of your dog??

The Ropp Family said...

I love your sappy posts. It reminds me I'm not the only emotional one:)

As for the potty training, this is my future....and I'm not ready to accept that yet!