Our Friend Tom(s)

More wedding pics are starting to roll in- most of these are taken by Patty- some are from Kim's wedding photographer Jeanie Francis
Here's a group shot Jeanie took. As Patty put it, "Luke said, 'I'll walk.'"

And the sweetest flower girl troop ever - I love how Finley looks like she's about to take flight!

Baylorman fell asleep on Uncle Jack's shoulder during the ceremony. Here's a picture of the two snuggling.

Here's a pic without our spouses- which is not intentional (Patty took the pic,Chris wasn't at the wedding, and Luke was probably busy cutting it up on the dance floor in his new dancing shoes...see below)

Here we are with Joey & Stacey - who I love, but I'm really posting this to show you how happy Baylor was to sleep in his sling for most of the night. And I'm not talking about "sleeping while I sat in the corner." I really WAS cutting it up on the dance floor - he slept through it all. And maybe it was a little more "moderately shimmying and shaking" than "cutting it up."

and finally....Luke in his ninja shoes/inmate shoes aka TOMS. (Luke's white tube socks wouldn't fit under the shoes, so he went sockless.) At the request of our very humanitarian bride & groom (they ARE missionaries, after all)- the groomsmen sported Tom's & skinny ties, both of which were new to Luke's fashion universe. I was just thankful he didn't have to wear skinny jeans.

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Aunt Nancy said...

Ok, not many woman can carry off wearing yellow....but it looks maaavelous on you darling!