Sock Advisory

I just received this message, which I believe is from my uncle. Perhaps my own father. I'm not sure because as you'll see, their message is a bit cryptic (I think to protect their own identity):
Would you mind telling me what the proper sock is for the brown leather slip ons. I have the same shoes and most likly the same costco tube socks as Luke. I figured I was cool and I guess I figured wrong. Please don't tell me anklet things. I must have a hundred pair and will not wear them. I did see my brother or you Dad wear those anklet things and still bring it to his attention. Please advise. Love the men in your life. From your Dad, Uncle, brother and cousin.

My answer is simple:
The socks aren't the problem in this scenario, the SHORTS are. Tube socks+shorts=bad idea.

Thank you. This has been a public service anouncement brought to you by the owner of this blog.


How to help your dad fix the sink (and other fun facts):

Hold your star night light projector to help your dad get a better look (and don't critique his tube socks)

A few fun facts:
1) This photo was taken after a good 2 hours of "fixing the sink." "Fixing the sink" entailed a scalding hot water flood, education on where the water shut off valve REALLY is, one trip to home depot, copius amounts of foul language, one load of towels (from the flood) and about 3 phone calls to my dad and brother (professional plumbers).
2) The reason Luke endeavored to fix the sink in the first place was because of poor water pressure. He turned the decoy hot water shut off valve then removed the hose. It was clear that he'd shut off a decoy valve when hot water came gushing out at his face. He determined that when boiling hot and directed at your face, our water pressure was just fine indeed.
3) Luke makes it a habit to wear tube socks, slip on shoes, and basketball shorts at home. He doesn't pull the tube socks up to full height, which is good, because then he doesn't look 75 years old. On the other hand, he doesn't perfectly scrunch the tube socks either, as that would look too contrived. He's in tube sock middle ground, and consequently, middle age.
4) Johonna, you may notice, is wearing two different shoes. This picture is about 2 weeks old, and she has literally been wearing that exact same outfit (mismatched shoes and all) for the last 48 hours as well (dinner last night, bedtime, and again today at the baby shower). She has some serious fashion convictions and she's asked that I not squelch the individualistic expression of her fashion leanings. I mean I'd put my foot down if she was wearing white after labor day...but I can abide mismatched shoes and formal partywear for days on end. No problem.
5) There's not much of a happy ending to this story. Our water pressure still sucks. I guess the silver lining is that now we know where our water shut off valve is?


Slumber party at Poppa & Grammy's

When Luke's out of town & I need to get in a long saturday morning run, I stay the night at my parent's. It mostly works out well for everyone involved. Last weekend Jo took charge of my camera, and here's what I salvaged from her first foray as photographer:
Baylor & I after feeding him pureed prunes

Poppa in his natural habitat, counting and organizing and sorting his penny collection

Ruckeroo in his natural habitat: outside but trying to get in

Grammy in her natural habitat: the comfy chair

Dad cooking us french toast and bacon - he always spoils us!

Duelling Harmonicas

For Jo's second birthday, my thoughtful brother in law gave her a harmonica (my other thoughtful brother in law gave her a 4 foot teddy bear). The harmonica was quickly "lost." I rediscovered it when my dad started sharing his harmonica with Jo. Now they have jam sessions.


jo @ baylor's age

Jo seems to have been a better sitter than Baylor at six months- but they look SO much alike and have the same goofy grin!


For Dad

Since Dad misses his girl, here she is in all her glory


The Corners of My Mind

Two things I want to remember forever:
1) Sitting with my Dad late on a Christmas eve at my grandma's house, totally exhausted, and listening to the sound of his voice and his heart beat through his chest. That's the best way to hear a dad's voice.
2) The sound of my Mom's high heels (though they were called PUMPS back then) click clacking on the entry way floor of our house, the hustle & bustle and smell of her perfume. It meant they were dressed up & going somewhere fancy.


Optimism Defined

I can't help but feel like I have some ridiculously amazing hidden talent.

So far I have ruled out:
1. singing. One time after campfire worship on a youth group trip a girl said to me: "I could hear you. You were SO off tune."
2. cake decorating, which I actively pursued my sophomore year in college while working full time and taking 22 credits (so really, this could still be an option since I obviously didn't give it my full attention)
3. dancing/coordination. I remember my friend Hannah trying to explain how to step on the beat, and I couldn't. I tried again in zumba, also without success.
4. cooking
5. computer programming
6. public speaking. I accidentally signed up for Public Speaking 101 ESL in college. In case you were wondering, ESL = English as a Second Language. I will never forget the sinking realization that washed over me when the teacher asked each student to introduce themselves...and their native language.
7. badminton- I thought I was good until I played against luke
8. poker/math/science/geography/history/jeapardy
9. video games
10. spelling (that would be the all time biggest let down of a hidden talent anyhow)
11. cheese making
12. gardening
13. dog training

Remaining possibilities:
1. piano
2. newscasting
3. surfing
4. supressing hidden talents