Optimism Defined

I can't help but feel like I have some ridiculously amazing hidden talent.

So far I have ruled out:
1. singing. One time after campfire worship on a youth group trip a girl said to me: "I could hear you. You were SO off tune."
2. cake decorating, which I actively pursued my sophomore year in college while working full time and taking 22 credits (so really, this could still be an option since I obviously didn't give it my full attention)
3. dancing/coordination. I remember my friend Hannah trying to explain how to step on the beat, and I couldn't. I tried again in zumba, also without success.
4. cooking
5. computer programming
6. public speaking. I accidentally signed up for Public Speaking 101 ESL in college. In case you were wondering, ESL = English as a Second Language. I will never forget the sinking realization that washed over me when the teacher asked each student to introduce themselves...and their native language.
7. badminton- I thought I was good until I played against luke
8. poker/math/science/geography/history/jeapardy
9. video games
10. spelling (that would be the all time biggest let down of a hidden talent anyhow)
11. cheese making
12. gardening
13. dog training

Remaining possibilities:
1. piano
2. newscasting
3. surfing
4. supressing hidden talents


Anonymous said...

Funny how someone so intelligent can't see wat is so obvious to others. That "ridiculously amaxing talent" is not so hidden to me and even more clearly seen by Luke, Jo and Baylor.

Tank said...

Always up for teaching some surfing...