Sock Advisory

I just received this message, which I believe is from my uncle. Perhaps my own father. I'm not sure because as you'll see, their message is a bit cryptic (I think to protect their own identity):
Would you mind telling me what the proper sock is for the brown leather slip ons. I have the same shoes and most likly the same costco tube socks as Luke. I figured I was cool and I guess I figured wrong. Please don't tell me anklet things. I must have a hundred pair and will not wear them. I did see my brother or you Dad wear those anklet things and still bring it to his attention. Please advise. Love the men in your life. From your Dad, Uncle, brother and cousin.

My answer is simple:
The socks aren't the problem in this scenario, the SHORTS are. Tube socks+shorts=bad idea.

Thank you. This has been a public service anouncement brought to you by the owner of this blog.


Anonymous said...

I think it is safe to say that there will not be a problem with the two elder states men and shorts.

Anonymous said...

After looking at the photo somemore you are correct. Luke put your pants on or at least hit the tanning booth.