Ash's Baby Shower

We better start here. Because the next post involves BIRTH!

Last Saturday we had a shower for Ash, 4 weeks prior to her due date. Which should be PLENTY of time in advance. Anyhow, it was a quaint shower at my parents house featuring Ash's favorite foods (cheez its were served). Here's a few pics of the glowing mom-to-be:

Ash had been suffering from swollen ankles & thought she might find a sympathizer in Baylor.

Linda & Nannie were there

Patty & her look alike niece

Jo & her Uncle-- that's right, my dad & jack attended the shower. They mostly stayed in the other room scoffing at us women, and then eating our food.

Cousin Jessica brought Julianna

And three Ellis side grandbabies born within 4 months of each other. Baylor is the oldest (7 months), then Julianna (5 months), and Xavier (4 months) - my Granny must be beaming in heaven, particularly over that red headed boy ;)

It was a beautiful shower. My little sis Lex put together a lovely slide show & a good time was had by all. JUST in the nick of time, too...


Kate said...

I love how Jo's party dress makes an appearance in every blog entry!!

Kate said...
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Brianna said...

You can totally tell which babies have been swaddled to sleep in the last picture (well, it's even more pronounced in a similar one I took). Baylor and X like little soldiers at attention, and Julianna with her limbs spread out. Pretty funny. Also-- their faces are hilarious. Baylor is the only one hamming it up. Julianna looks a little deer in the headlights, X has a look of concern... Baylor is just saying "Hey guys! I can smile. Check this out!" Very cute.

Aunt Nancy said...

Great shot of the spit up on Jessica's arm! Made me smile.