Baby Brooklyn is HERE!

My little sister is amazing. She will blog about this all later (when she has some spare time, pfft) so I don't want to steal her thunder....but like every other sister I have so far, she did NOT have an epidural. That should probably not be the headline, but I'm a little impressed and a little envious. Ok, now for the more important details:
On Wednesday 2/29 (that's leap day, the birth day of my niece Christina!) Ash's water broke. 24 days early! She called. I had one job to do: video the birth/video the sweet few minutes when her & Chris finally met their daughter. She wasn't in active labor so I told her to call me when things got serious. She called at 4/5 cm at 2 am. I flew out of the house. I5 was shut down at Salem for ice & accidents, but it didn't matter- the girl gave birth less than an hour later. Chris said she pushed for only 10 minutes & out came Brooke! I'll let Ash fill you in on all the details, but I hear Ash tossed around some colorful language while in labor. We're all impressed...I mean Ash is the kinda girl who needs bendy straws when she's sick (so as not to strain her neck). But I guess farm life has rubbed off on her. She is one tough lady.

When I showed up, Brooke was about an hour old and a slight 5 lb 12 oz. Ash looked tired but happy, and Chris was busy checking in on his girls and simultaneously texting/updating the eager fan club of friends & family. Look at this sweet first family pic:

Baby Brooklyn Ann Ropp

Brooke's first home video (the grunting is due to gunk in her lungs, which cleared up later that day):

A few days later, Brooke's home & here's some more pics:

The Stephens grandbaby crew:

I have to say- I am SO proud of my little sister. She is tough, nurturing, strong, and loving. I'm even more proud of my brother in law- he is protective, proud, and more sensitive than is obvious to the untrained eye. He is a gem and they work so well as a team together! Go Ropp family!!!


Kate said...

I'm so happy for Ashley! I have been waiting impatiently for a blog update from SOMEONE!!! Baby Brooklyn is gorgeous, just like her mommy. I'm proud of you Ash!

Brianna said...

10 minutes!?!?! Holy cow! And no epidural. Ash is so impressive. She's clearly made for birthin' babies. Can't wait to meet her.