This is a gem for several reasons
1. It features my Granny, who is now in heaven but missed dearly on earth.
2. Ash & cousins Trisha & Megan are in it
3. Jack. Lots of things about Jack- he is wearing his veritable uniform from 1991: his neon outfit from Aunt Terri plus LA Gear shoes plus a nicely matching neon cap that I promise you (I don't know how I remember this) came from a happy meal at Wendy's. Also he's pretending to fake smile.
4. My hammer pants. I was in 4th or 5th grade, and this was one of my hippest outfits. For me (and this is still true), when you find a good combo of clothes you stick with it and just keep repeating. In third grade it was a belted tie-dyed dress with layered tights, spandex bicycle shorts (I'm serious- it was so I could climb the monkey bars at lunch), pee-wee herman socks & keds. I wore exactly that outfit at LEAST one time per week throughout third grade. Between 3rd and 5th grade I underwent a style reformation which resulted in the pictured white t-shirt, fabric elastic headband, home made MC Hammer pants (thanks mom) and LA Gear shoes. Clearly I was a fashion maven even in elementary school.

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