I thought I'd publicly declare my love for my siblings on my blog- one by one. I'm starting from the youngest & working my way up. That puts Alexee at #1!
I have known her since she was two days old, and she has been a source of immense joy and entertainment to us. As a little kid she was seriously the funniest kid EVER. If you laughed, she would laugh at your laugh. Which would make you laugh harder. Which made HER laugh harder. Luke talked so much about her to the lady who worked at the gas station he frequented that he finally brought her in so she could meet her. Lex did not disappoint- a gigglefest ensued.

Now that Lexee is more of a grown up than a kid, there are even more wonderful things about her becoming clear. Her little heart is full of love for her friends and family, she is SO nurturing to my kids and a wonderful role model, she is (BY FAR) the most organized Middlebrooks -- really, when Sara (second most organized Middlebrooks) was out of town recently, Lex was in charge of the schedules for her dad, sisters, and dog. I was actually with her when she made multiple calls to her dad and sisters to remind them of their upcoming scheduled activities/responsibilities. I won't name names, but the "dad" involved wouldn't have fed the dog if not for one well timed call from Boss Lexee.

As I'm typing this, Luke looked over my shoulder and said I should mention Lex's fashion sense. She has a great sense of style (not to mention the most beautiful long, curly hair!) and a smile that lights up the room. I love this girl & I'm proud to be her big sis. Lastly, she is very thoughtful and does a lot of little crafts/projects for people to let them know she loves them. Lexee is a blessing to us!


Kate said...

She IS amazing, isn't she?? Just love that girl!!!

Anonymous said...

She's one of the most thoughtful little nieces too!