Pork Products

I came to pick up the kids one night last week and my dad said to me, "MITCH! WE FOUND BAYLOR'S NEW FAVORITE FOOD!"  It was hot dogs. My dad fed my 8 month old TWO hot dogs.  To his credit, they were diced into a sort of hot dog hash so as not to get lodged in my precious son's airway.  My son was happy as a clam and smelled of hot dogs for the remainder of the day.  I discovered (not surprisingly) that the smell of uncooked hot dogs reminds me of my brother, who used to eat raw hot dogs like corn on the cob.  I think he outgrew that, but on any given day the odds are 50/50 that Jack is carrying some sort of cured meat in his pockets.  Usually pepperoni sticks.  Sometimes jerky. 

brought to you courtesy of ball park franks

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