Toddler Problems

Johonna has it rough.  Here's a list of her major grievances:
1. Baylor- he is in her way up to 10% of the time. 
2. Clothing. She has to get dressed approximately one time per week, when our nanny Rosemarie takes her to the library.  Some weeks it is just too much and so Jo stays in her footsy pajamas.  Sometimes she can be talked into getting dressed if it means she can wear a flower girl dress or something so poofy that it interferes with her car seat fit.
3. The fact that she is going to Disneyland in airplane.  When the issue comes up she vehemently insists that we are in fact riding a HELLYCOPTOR to Disneyland.
4. When her poppa forgets to leave her a treat in her special cupboard at Poppa & Grammy's house (where she goes while we work).  No treats in the cupboard is the toddler equivalent of starting your day with a speeding ticket and no coffee.
5. Water watching.  When Baylor and I are in the pool at swim class, it is Johonna's duty to be a water-watcher.  That means she gets to guard the pool and make sure no one but the kids in the class go into the water.  Normal siblings find this to be a special honor.  Johonna cannot be bothered.
6.  Ponytails.  They are the bane of her existence.  1 ponytail=7-8 minutes of tears.
7.  Going to sleep.  It's not her favorite.
8.  Waking up. It's not her favorite.
9.  When the bubbles go away in her bath- she has no patience for such things.
10. Skimping on cream cheese.  She prefers gobs of cream cheese on her cream cheese carrier (what luke calls bagels/toast/english muffins).  She carefully scrapes all the cream cheese off with her finger and only then, if she is still hungry, will she eat the carbohydrate. 

Because of all this strife, Johonna has developed a unique way of communicating her feelings.  Luke was first to break the code, but it is simple and consistent:

When she is mad, she RIBBITS like a frog.

When she is happy, she CHIRPS like a bird.

Here's a RIBBIT I caught on film:


Kate said...

LOVE this list!! And I have been waiting to see this video since we talked on Easter, it is so funny! Whenever we would pretend to be upset in Germany someone would ribbit in Jo's honor. LOVE IT

Patty & Jack said...

OMG!!! This is TOO funny!!

Hans and Elizabeth said...

This could go viral. I LOVE it.