Years Gone By

I have some of the greatest stuff on my phone/camera, but I'm too lazy to deal with it right now. So instead, a look back at this week in history. And by history, I mean the history that has occurred since I got my digital camera in 2007.

2007: Sarah & I on a trip to Colorado. It was SO much fun. We toured everything you could tour in Denver (Celestial Seasonings, Coors Brewery, a goat farm). And we rented a convertible- which made very little sense in Denver, but it was fun.

2008: Though I personally recognized Jesus as my Lord & Savior in 1994, I didn't work up the courage to be baptized until this week in 2008. I asked my father in law to baptize me- he is the strongest man of faith I know. I cannot recall this event without also remembering how I snorted into the mic while tearfully explaining how much I love Jesus. I'm sure it was a joyful noise to God, but I think it scared the young and elderly in our congregation. Dick bestowed the ultimate kindness by pulling me away from the mic after the first snort & shoving me under water.
2008 part B: In addition to being baptized this week 4 years ago, I crafted a gorgeous loaf of cotswald cheese. This was at the height of my passion for cheese making. I wish this story had a happier ending, but I'm pretty sure the loaf you look upon ended in a mess of blue mold- and not the edible kind.

2009: Oh here I am in my maternity crop top! No wait- that is not a crop top. We were trying to take a picture to capture the deep symbolism between the 3 babies pictured & the one in utero- 4 middlebrooks clan babies born within 8 months of each other. I was 36 weeks pregnant w/Jo here with Xander, Harrison, and Savannah

2010: Here we are with our darling one year old at cousin Bri & Ken's wedding in Seattle. Look at how tiny and sweet Jo was!? She wasn't quite walking alone yet- but close.

2011: An Easter/Julia's bday celebration at Bart & Linda's- Jo was in rare form, beating a pinata for candy & then snatching icing off all cupcakes within reach. This must be an act of defiance subconsciously inspired by my aunt linda. I swear NO ONE has ever snuck as much frosting in such a blatant fashion as my cousin Casey. And he was so darn sweet as a kid that he could never be blamed for it.

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