This text string is a glimpse into why I love my brother & sister:
Me (to jack & ash): I am not totally sure- but jack, didn't you and I used to let ashley suck on our toes???
Ashley: What??? Please tell me this is a joke. I feel like I need to swish bleach in my mouth.
Jack: Yes. All the time.
Me: Thought so. Swish away.
Ashley: I feel sick.


Oh HI Little Friend

My daughter is not exactly friendly from the start.  I think (hope) her stand off-ish-ness and hesitation to greet people is born of a shy nature and not a general dislike of humans.  Although when she RIBBITS at women in line at the restroom I get a little nervous. 

Anyhow, last weekend at the pool she was swimming around and in such a great mood that she greeted two separate boys as follows:
to the first: "Oh HI little friend!"
to the second: "Oh HI little boy!"

In both cases she was ignored.  So now I can blame her general dislike for people on an early childhood rejection experience. Phew.


May Part 1

Highlights of the first half of the month are as follows: 1. These are my children, who I find adorable
2. This one turned 3

3. Christina was at the party

4. Jo ate cake (and by cake I mean FROSTING)

5. Cassandra was there

6. Rach was there.

7. Lex & Brooklyn were there

8. The grandmas were there

9. and we caught this guy playing video poker
10. We went to Disneyland, and Jo changed out of her pajamas for the first time in weeks
11. We met the real mean queen and snow white
12. Lex met Goofy

13. the girls met Ariel

14. we saw our pal Robert & his sweet daughter Halo. She is the same age as Baylor and half the size.

Here's to hoping the second hlf is as fun as the first half!



Sometimes with toddlers & food, you get the short end of the stick.  Like you order a breakfast sandwich and you are mentally prepared to eat every last bite, but a 3 year old comes along and wants half. Or 75%.  And by the miracle of motherhood, even though your husband calls you the "food wolverine" (I'm serious- Luke actually call me that), you gladly give your offspring whatever they want from your plate.  

On the other hand, sometimes with toddlers & food you end up eating two churros in 7 minutes because your child "din't yike it."  This is better than losing your breakfast sandwich.  You get to eat two churros rapid fire, but you don't have any of the guilt that comes with the premeditated purchase and consumption of two churros. 

Disneyland was awesome today.  Jo busted into the park hot on the trail of the teacups- thanks to some good prep work by her beloved Mose-marie.  I'm happy to say the teacups didn't disappoint- she & her dad went twice, in fact.  I steer clear of anything that goes in circles so while they teacupped I worked on my sunburn.  

Baylor update: He could care less about Disneyland, but is being a wonderful sport.
Luke update: He could care less about Disneyland, but is being a wonderful sport.


Easter Fish

Luke was out of town on Easter, so after church we headed over to Poppa & Grammy's house. Poppa had been promising to take Jo fishing, and as luck would have it, the easter bunny delivered her jelly beans in a pink tackle box. So a-fishin' they went.
There was a tagalong taco baby.

and debate as to whether if a fish were caught, would we kill it? eat it? (my vote was NO on both counts, Poppa & Jo agreed YES on both counts)
Ash was on my side.

On the walk to the dock there is a tree that Poppa puts Jo in so she can pretend to be an eagle.  I don't think REAL eagles perch so low, and I'm slightly bothered that my child is up in a tree, but it makes them both happy so who am I to interfere?

Baylor was there too. This is his most common expression. I call it his "I'm happy to be alive" look.