Easter Fish

Luke was out of town on Easter, so after church we headed over to Poppa & Grammy's house. Poppa had been promising to take Jo fishing, and as luck would have it, the easter bunny delivered her jelly beans in a pink tackle box. So a-fishin' they went.
There was a tagalong taco baby.

and debate as to whether if a fish were caught, would we kill it? eat it? (my vote was NO on both counts, Poppa & Jo agreed YES on both counts)
Ash was on my side.

On the walk to the dock there is a tree that Poppa puts Jo in so she can pretend to be an eagle.  I don't think REAL eagles perch so low, and I'm slightly bothered that my child is up in a tree, but it makes them both happy so who am I to interfere?

Baylor was there too. This is his most common expression. I call it his "I'm happy to be alive" look.

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Hans and Elizabeth said...

Michelle -- I see Rucker in the background of the first photo. I think he is wondering if that pictures is going to be of him, but then he must remember that his life has drastically changed since two little people entered the world and he now is merely a bystander in most photos.
Just for old times sake, I think a Rucker blog is in due order.