May Part 1

Highlights of the first half of the month are as follows: 1. These are my children, who I find adorable
2. This one turned 3

3. Christina was at the party

4. Jo ate cake (and by cake I mean FROSTING)

5. Cassandra was there

6. Rach was there.

7. Lex & Brooklyn were there

8. The grandmas were there

9. and we caught this guy playing video poker
10. We went to Disneyland, and Jo changed out of her pajamas for the first time in weeks
11. We met the real mean queen and snow white
12. Lex met Goofy

13. the girls met Ariel

14. we saw our pal Robert & his sweet daughter Halo. She is the same age as Baylor and half the size.

Here's to hoping the second hlf is as fun as the first half!

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Nina said...

Your children are so adorable!! What little blessings they are along with your extended family. I also loved seeing the picture of your dear mother. She looks wonderful...such an answer to prayer! God's sweetest gift is family for sure(: