99 bottles of bbq sauce on the wall, 99 bottles of...

I used to coupon shop a LOT. Now I don't have the time or energy. But I do have ex-couponer's guilt syndrome. That is an affliction caused by coupon burn out where you feel guilty for paying full price for anything and still stack coupon inserts that you know you won't use. But I have redeemed myself. I have purchased 120 bottles of bbq sauce for $.75 each instead of $3.99.
This is only HALF of the bbq sauce.

Here's some of it in my house, the rest is in our storage shed.

And here's one of my receipts (this was only for 50 bottles):

Now. Before you get all judgey/eye rolly on me (you know who you are), I should explain that while it would take an average household about 25 years to go through all this bbq sauce, it will only take us 1-2 years.  My husband is a bbq sauce eating maniac.  I can marinate/season/cook something to perfection using carefully blended spices, and he will douse it in bbq sauce without so much as a nod to my subtle flavorings.  I bet (and I am being entirely serious here) we go through 1 bottle of bbq sauce per week, sometimes more. 

I did this in two different shopping trips and I was moderately mortified each time.  You should have seen the looks I got. Tonight a lady said, "that's a lot of bbq sauce!" and I said, "Yep, I know it looks crazy but it was on sale and it is the only kind of bbq sauce my husband will eat."  She replied, "Oh! You mean it isn't for like a wedding or something?"  Ouch. Nope, this is for private domestic consumption. 

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Kate said...

"private domestic consumption" my favorite line in the whole post. I watched that couponing show the other day for the first time and I will not judge you if you can tell me you weren't standing at the check out wringing your hands, sweating, and saying, I hope this all works out!!! They were crazy and anxious and it made me irritable.