Great Expectations

About a month ago I joined OMSI. My break even point is 4 visits (we have one more to go). Then I can rest a little and not feel like I have to go to OMSI daily until I get my money's worth. Well, I could have rested except for that last week I got suckered into joining the Zoo again. By "suckered in" I mean that I of my own volition walked over to the membership window and inquired about purchasing a membership. After all, an Oregon Zoo membership is tax deductible. And non-members have to pay $4 for parking! Break even for the zoo is 3 visits...so we've got 2 more visits to go before we are in the clear. On the way to the zoo I asked Jo which animals she wanted to see. She said, "A puma, a dinosaur, and a dragon." We were 0 for 3, but I think they have dino's at OMSI...so all may not be lost.

Here's Jo loving on her daddy on the waterfront a few weeks ago.
As you can see, she REALLY loves this guy.

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