Jammy Jogging

When we go on walks, Jo likes to wear her running shoes and run for a bit here and there.  She's really progressed in her technique.  At first she ran tilted forward (like she was running down hill) with her hands behind her back, frequently looking back at us while continuing to run full speed ahead.  It just made you cringe to watch.  After some intense training, she now runs with her hands at her sides and only looks back at us if she has something really pressing to say (come CATCH me DAD!)  She has developed some other bad habits though- she now likes to run carrying sticks and intermittently hops mid-run.  Her pace is suffering for all the hopping and I fear she may lose an eye.  Still, we press on.

Last Sunday, I (who rarely pays to run) signed up for a 3 mile run benefiting the Wilsonville school district. The entire reason I did this was so that Jo could "run in a race."  We lined up a cheering squad (Poppa, Grammy, and Dad), we picked out a running outfit, we talked about running through the finish line and the after party.  She was SO excited. 

Unfortunately, race day was a bust.  Jo was feeling under the weather and not only did she not feel like running, she didn't even feel like stroller-ing.  She perked up when she saw Poppa and Grammy, and when she spied a big stick that I let her carry in the stroller.  Otherwise she was not a happy camper.  Maybe we'll try it again sometime.

Here's a cute video from a long run we did a few weeks ago.  Normally when I'm running I don't let her out at all (she's not capable of running in a straight line and I already lamented about the hopping thing)- but she was really into it.  We got lots of smiles along the waterfront as she waved at people in her footsy jams & running shoes.  She's such a hoot.

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