A Moment in Time

CONTRARY to popular belief*, the main reason I blog is to record all the stuff I don't want to forget. Before the blog I used to write notes to Luke as means of recording bits of our life.  In the rare event that I re-read these, my favorite parts are always about the really mundane things that were happening at that time in our life.  Like what I made for dinner that night, or what movie we were going to go see. 

So, even though it will not entertain anyone except myself about 4.46 years from now....

Right now it is scorching hot outside, but cool inside thanks to two strategically placed window AC units.  Baylor, 11 months, is crawling around chewing on an amazon gift card and playing with individually wrapped crackers and luna bars.  He uses them as skid plates under one or both hands to accelerate his crawling.  He is going to walk any minute now.  He is generally found destructing things, and he is making a giant mess of snacks right now. 

Jo has just gone potty and is now back to play catch with a red bouncy ball.  Her dad is throwing it at Baylor's head, and when it hits him, Baylor, Jo, and Luke laugh.  I am frowning in disapprovement but Baylor squeals with joy, so I guess the problem is all mine.  Oops, now he just opened the box of sidewalk chalk (inside), Luke's confiscating.

Luke's watching "locked up abroad" which I detest (it makes me anxious and never want to leave this country).  The kids have greasy looking hair because they were slathered in sunscreen today while we celebrated ash's bday at my parents. Baylor was happy as a clam to climb in and out of the kiddie pool about 150 consecutive times.  Johonna ate copious amounts of candy and we had smores bars for dessert.  Dad smoked ribs and the best chicken I've ever had.  Rucker ate the remainder of my smores bars on the ride back home, so I'm in a foul mood and not sure how I'll get my chocolate fix tonight. 

The house is clean (except the 2 dozen granola bars Baylor has evenly distributed throughout the living room) because we had 2 showings today.  One lady told Luke, "The house is perfect. I love it" so we'll see if that goes anywhere.  I don't like having to clean the house so often, but it is nice to have things picked up almost all the time.

Jo is pulling Baylor around by his shirt and yanking him in their room and slamming the door.  This should concern me, but I am just happy for the quiet.  I know it will end in tears and two giant bins of toys upended in their room, but it is a trade I'm willing to make. 

We just snuck outside to watch them through their window.  Jo is playing with a truck and Baylor is bending a book.  They caught us watching them and came to the window.  Now she's singing "the swimmers in the pool go round and round."  I'm sure we'll do the bed time battle in another 30 minutes, but for now the chaos is under control and everyone is content. 

*Popular belief: I blog as a socially acceptable way of talking about myself without having to listen to what anyone else has to say. I blog so I can brag about myself but sort of make it look like I'm not intending to. I blog so I can post flattering pictures of myself without having to show you the 92 pics I took in effort to get one good one. I blog so I can publicize how amazing my husband and children are. I [used to] blog about what an intelligent dog I have. 


Anonymous said...

WHY IS THIS SO ENTERTAINING?! Everthing you write is money! :) Mer

Anonymous said...

i love your blog and all your reasons for writing it, if i didn't read it i would never know what is going on because you never tell me anything. grr. ooxx mom