I will write this post in reverse order of events for maximum dramatic impact.  To set expectations, let's clarify that "dramatic impact" is pretty relative.  We're not talking Grey's Anatomy season finale, more like moderately amusing commercial during Grey's Anatomy season finale.

13. My dad laughed and pointed at my suffering.
12. My dad asked what I drank from, and I told him.
11. I found a cheesecake cupcake in the fridge and ate a big bite
10. I fought back the urge to vomit while frantically looking for something to cleanse my palette
9. My gag reflex triggered, I sputtered and gagged.
8. I picked up the cup & guzzled some water
7. I saw Jo's plastic orange cup sitting on the counter, full of water
6. The pills started to dissolve a little, which is an irrational fear of mine
5. I started looking around for a cup of water
4. I gratefully accepted and popped two big pills in my mouth.
3. My dad offered me two excedrin that he says are now only available on the black market (something about manufacturing issues leading to supply shortage?)
2. I walked into my parent's kitchen, complaining that I didn't feel well and needed aspirin.
1. Johonna washed her uncooked hot dog quite thoroughly in her orange plastic cup of water.


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Love this. I feel like I just watched Memento but this was more rewarding.