Goodbye First House

As of tomorrow we will no longer own our small blue house on Rockwood Street- our first home.

Despite all the wisecracks I make about Milwaukie, we have loved our home and neighborhood.  I do love this house- but we need another bedroom and could use some extra square footage.  We put it on the market in early June & accepted an offer in mid July.  We sign it away tomorrow morning and have to vacate by 9/8.

We intentionally refrained from moving until we knew FOR CERTAIN this sale would be finalized.  After we were done patting ourselves on the back for our fiscal responsibility and conservative choices, we found the following to be true:
1) Portland's apartment vacancy is at an all time low of around 2%.
2) Little is available at the end of August since most people are moving into the school districts they need to be in on 9/5.
3) Apartment managers like leases - not month to month renters
4) Apartment managers shamelessly discriminate against dogs over 25 lbs.  I feel like that is constitutionally wrong, but can find no clause (yet) to back my claim.

One thing is for sure: by 9/8 we have to be out of this place.  Wait- one more thing is for sure: we don't know where we're going! Ha!  This is causing me mild heartburn.  We've got an offer out on a house we like, but our short term living situation is in God's hands (or my parents bonus room...just teasing mom!)

Being the cheapskates we are, we sold our house by owner to save some money.  As part of our marketing campaign, I published a site with pics of the houses & a few selling points (well, 25).  I've taken down the site, but couldn't bear to delete my sales pitch without getting a little more blog milage out of it.  So here was my attempt at selling my little milwaukie house.  Laugh if you'd like....it worked :)

This house is one classy little gem!  Let us count the reasons this house rocks:

1. CLOSE IN! We're talking 2 miles from the Sellwood Bridge, 4 miles to Clackamas Town Center, and about 8 minutes from downtown.  That's some terrific triangulation.
2. Gleaming floors, crisp white trim, vinyl windows, and all the 1925 bungalow-charm you could ask for.
3. New gas furnace & water heater: keeping you warm and your water too!
4. Koi & goldfish pond in the backyard with water feature & cement path over the pond.  We'll throw in the fish food if you promise to keep 'em fed!
5. Great backyard with new lawn & mature landscaping.  Roses, hostas, hydrangeas, jasmine, and daphne.
6. White picket fence with beautiful arbor: white grapes, green grapes, honeysuckle & wisteria! 
7. Giant trees in the backyard provide shade and privacy.
8. Wired tool shed- great storage/work room/possible man cave? Depends on the man I suppose.
9. Completely fenced back yard to keep in the dogs, goats, chickens or whatever else you decide to keep back there. 
10. Concrete planter boxes & patio - perfect for outdoor seating or maybe a hot tub? There used to be a hot tub on the corner patio, but believe me- you're glad we removed it.  It wasn't so...hot.
11. Newer refrigerator & dishwasher. The freezer is on the bottom of the fridge, which is convenient unless you eat more ice cream than food. Which I would not judge you for.
12.  Wildlife abounds- I've seen chickens and rabbits on our street. No giraffes or zebras though.
13. The Ardenwald Elementary school is 1/3 mile away and was completely rebuilt- it is a goregous building and the cornerstone of the neighborhood.
14. Water Tower Park is just down the street- quiet and friendly place for kids.
15. The Springwater corridor is half a mile away- accessible in two different spots for all your running/biking/walking needs. This is a great area for running/walking with strollers too- nice wide streets and low traffic.
16. The adorable Ledding Library and duck pond is about a mile away. They're very nice there, but they're serious about those late fees...
17. Providence Milwaukie Hospital is half a mile away- convenient for ER visits or giving birth in a hurry.  
18. While we're on the topic of proximity, the police & fire stations are less than half a mile away.  Hopefully you won't need their services, but it is nice to know they're there.
19. Original beat board in the laundry room and bath room.
20. Picture hanging molding.
21. Wine rack & custom cabinetry for wine glasses.
22. Dirt basement isn't so great for entertaining, but excellent for storing stuff!
23. You cannot beat the quiet, private feel of the back yard.
24. Adjoining dining room, living room, and kitchen makes for great entertaining.
25. Well-loved, well-cared for, and ready for YOU to make it your home!


Scary Stories, by Jo

Baylor: My Sweet, Sweet Man

A year ago on 8/3 at 5:30 am, I left my house in this state, unsure of what kind of person was in my tummy:

Less than 3 hours later I met him: Baylor Blitz Middlebrooks

We brought him home to meet his sister

and we became a family of four

Here he is, month by month:




December- Baylor's first Christmas, forever ruined in photos because his mother dressed him in a nightgown type thing...what was I thinking!?!?



March, welcoming cousin Brooklyn into the family






I look at this little man and feel confidant he will change the world somehow.  I love him to pieces.

Brooklyn: A Story by Baylor

Hi. My name is Baylor.  My mom calls me Baylorman.

Earlier this month my mom took Jo & I to Albany to visit my cousin Brooklyn.  I can't read maps (or anything, for that matter) but I am pretty sure Albany is in South America.

When we got there, nobody gave me a chance to eat dog food off the floor or find the roll of toilet paper.  Instead they plopped me on the couch and shoved a baby on my lap.  I was a bit skeptical at first.

Ok, I was pissed.  So was Jo. And look at Brooke.  She's like, "HELP ME! HE DOESN'T KNOW HE IS SUPPOSED TO SUPPORT MY NEEEECK"

Then Jo was all like, "Oooh look Brooke- we are wearing matching clothes!" And I was like, "girls, give a brother some space ok?"

And then it struck me that Brooke can't eat solids...

...much less stop me from knocking her on the head...

...or the face...

...or her cornea.

She started wailing so then I muffled her.

But I knew mom and aunt ash really wanted a nice pic, so I told Brooke to quit her crying (you don't really need to see out of BOTH eyes) and I smiled for mom.

And after all that abuse? Brooke pretty much idolizes me.  She thinks I'm so cool.

Ha- I must have really fooled her!


We flew to Phoenix last week to visit the Heihn family & celebrate:
1) Savannah, because she is awesome
2) Harper, because she was born
3) Finley, because she turned 2
4) Katie, because she turned 30
and Matt- because he is the lone male in a house full of females.

Katie & Fin on Fin's 2nd birthday

Birthday girl!
Baylor Man

Johonna enjoying the splash pad

Fin, enjoying some raisins

Sav sassing it up

Harper snoozing

Baylor, surrounded by women, found himself playing with things like mascara & tampons

Luke reading to his girls

and my beautiful, lovely sis who is as sweet as she is pretty.  A good momma and an awesome parent!