Brooklyn: A Story by Baylor

Hi. My name is Baylor.  My mom calls me Baylorman.

Earlier this month my mom took Jo & I to Albany to visit my cousin Brooklyn.  I can't read maps (or anything, for that matter) but I am pretty sure Albany is in South America.

When we got there, nobody gave me a chance to eat dog food off the floor or find the roll of toilet paper.  Instead they plopped me on the couch and shoved a baby on my lap.  I was a bit skeptical at first.

Ok, I was pissed.  So was Jo. And look at Brooke.  She's like, "HELP ME! HE DOESN'T KNOW HE IS SUPPOSED TO SUPPORT MY NEEEECK"

Then Jo was all like, "Oooh look Brooke- we are wearing matching clothes!" And I was like, "girls, give a brother some space ok?"

And then it struck me that Brooke can't eat solids...

...much less stop me from knocking her on the head...

...or the face...

...or her cornea.

She started wailing so then I muffled her.

But I knew mom and aunt ash really wanted a nice pic, so I told Brooke to quit her crying (you don't really need to see out of BOTH eyes) and I smiled for mom.

And after all that abuse? Brooke pretty much idolizes me.  She thinks I'm so cool.

Ha- I must have really fooled her!


Anonymous said...

Uncle Bart likes Baylorman's story!

Brianna said...


Ashley Ropp said...

So cute! Thanks for making the trip south of the border!

Anonymous said...

these are priceless. i was laughing so hard i had to wipe the tears away

ooxx mom