I don't think JESUS said that.

Before you read this, you need to know that my husband's parents made huge financial sacrifices to send him and his siblings to a private Christian school. 

This morning we did "family church" together on our couch.  I'd like to let you think we are super awesome that way... but it would be a gross misrepresentation if I did not add these facts: 
1) we've never done "family church" together- it was a first.
2) we did it because we were too lazy to go to real church 
3) we stole the idea from Chris, who did this with his family last week

Here was the order of service (which lasted as long as the 3 year old's attention span allowed):
1) Opening prayer (led by mom, who thanked Jesus for the two semi-clad babies sitting in our laps)
2) Worship (led by Jo who played her new "trumpet" while we sang "Jesus Loves Me")
3) Bible story (led by Luke)
4) Closing prayer and another go-round with the trumpet (to the glory of God)

Luke settled on the toddler bible story "Jesus Loved the Little Children."  

He ad-libbed ad he saw fit.  

It was going fine.

Until he said:

"Jesus said, 'No- the kids are not bothering me! Bring them back. I love the little kids. The children are our future!'"

I wonder if Dick and Sara can get a refund...

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