• This last week was my husband & sis's birthdays, which are important, blogworthy events.
  • Years ago I somehow lost the ability to output Jack & Patty's wedding slide show, and they don't have a copy.
  • I recreated it today.
  • It is my blog and I can do with it what I want and I don't have to be all chronologically correct.  
  • So here goes: some of my favorite pictures of Jack.

I love this picture of Jack & my parents- he looks so STOIC and uncharacteristically straight faced.  Like wrestling in nearly-see-through spandex and then holding FLOWERS is manly.  Or maybe the mean mug is BECAUSE he is wearing spandex and holding flowers? And my mom is trying not to laugh at him.  
I think that's it. 

Ah- that is more "Jack."

 Jack likes big guys. 

Jack likes really big guys.

 Jack holding a salmon.

 Jack BEING a salmon.

 This smile is Jack to the core.

 This one is so sweet.  But a little devilish.  It reminds me of Baylor. I remember on picture day how mom would try SO hard to get his hair to lay down and not stick straight up all haywire.  If you look closely you'll notice it is actually wet in the photo- my mom's best efforts.
 Jack has never felt compelled to suck it in.

 See, there's the haywire hair.

 This is one of my favorites of Jack & Dad.

 This is one of my favorites of Jack & his best friend and cousin, Casey.  Casey is trying super hard to look like a tough indian with his plastic knife, but he is wearing a mickey mouse muscle shirt.  Jack isn't trying so hard at all, as you'll note he is wearing osh kosh b'gosh's.  These two were thick as thieves growing up.  And they always excluded me.  For which I forgive them.  I am, afterall, a [gag] girl.
 Even collared and tied, Jack bucks convention.

 He's rather pouty.

 Jack & my dad- both #41's
A good guy all around- love you brother!


Ashley Ropp said...

I'm pretty sure Jack is the most photogenic person in our family!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me but this blog about Jack comes at a very questionable time...I mean he is an amazing "house fixer upper" ....

I will say I LOVED the pics...

Hans and Elizabeth said...

I love the pictures. What a stud!!!