Going on a Treasure Hunt!

My dad did the coolest thing for Jo.  A little context first though:

Jo is in to pirates.  Baylor is not necessarily in to parrots, but he is a natural born sidekick due to his birth order.

When Jo got her Halloween costume, she faithfully stayed in character for 72 hours before I forced her out of it.  I was worried she was training one eye to be lazy and one eye to be super-human by wearing that eyepatch.
And if by chance parrots like to waddle around looking for rolled paper product to unravel, well then Baylor stayed in character too.
 So back to the story.  Jo took up the hobby of digging in the dirt looking for buried treasure.  My dear Dad planned a very elaborate treasure hunt.  It started with a letter from BLACKBEARD the pirate, written to Captain Jo.  The letter appeared to be written in crayon (suspect) but it did have burns and singing around the outside, so Jo was quite convinced of its authenticity.  You can see below that the letter was conveniently forwarded to her at my parents house.  US Postal must know the whereabouts of toddler pirates & buried treasure alike.
 The letter was NOT a treasure map.  This raised some tiny eyebrows at first, until she realized that the letter led her to a secret location, where she was able to dig up a legit treasure map. Then, with a bit of navigation from Poppa (aka Whitebeard the Pirate), Jo found the X on the map.  I took videos of this, but even though the treasure was buried only .75 inches under VERY loose soil, it took Jo a good deal of time to unearth it.  She may have a penchant for archaeology - what with the care, precision and pace she dug.  I think it took about 25 minutes.  She wanted to grid the site with string and sift the soil so as not to disturb any artifacts, but Grammy encouraged her to just be reckless (that's the sort of influence Grammy is).
 FINALLY when the treasure chest was uncovered, Jo sat on her haunches and explored her pirate's booty.
Inside the treasure chest was money, pirate dentures, jewels, a gun, a priceless golden apple, candy (oddly well preserved after centuries of being buried an inch under ground in the exotic and unlikely land of Wilsonville, OR) and lots of dubloons.  This is a memory that Jo will have all her life.
Above is my favorite picture (you can see the map on the ground)- I love how their heads are together and he's holding her tin jewelry case steady for her.  Individually, these are two of my favorite people in the world, and I love that they have such a special relationship.  
Dad, THANK YOU for taking so much delight in my daughter.  
And Jo, THANK YOU for taking so much delight in my Dad.


Kate said...

I LOVE this!! How special :)

Nina said...

What a precious forever gift!

Ashley Ropp said...

He is such a good Poppa! Might I add that our treasure hunts growing up never actually had buried treasure....hmm!