I have made a total of ONE decisions

The situation with the house is progressing despite my severe case of decision paralysis.  The normal course of events is that I show up at the house, caffeinated and ready to work like mad. I walk around to assess the sitution, prioritize tasks, and develop a plan.  While walking around I get overwhelmed. I start wringing my hands. I fret and experience mild panic. 

Then, inevitably, my dad shows up and tells me what to do.

Thanks goodness. 

Anyhow, there are lots of interesting updates, but the big news is that after countless hours of shopping for paint colors, floor materials, light fixtures, hardware, floor registers and bathtubs, I have FINALLY made one choice.

And here she is:

She'll be hanging in my bathroom.*

Isn't that extravagent?

*If you show up at my house and want to know why I have a chandelier in my bathroom but no sink or tub to bathe in, I will ignore your question.


Kate said...

Wow, how fancy! I love it

Kate said...

Wow, how fancy! I love it

Ashley Ropp said...

Yes!!!! I am SO pleased with this choice! She's gorgeous!!! I am so jealous!

Anonymous said...

you should let people know that you also wired this all by yourself you are amazing ooxx mom