Mature and Responsible Spending

We will hopefully close on our new house in the next 2 weeks.  It hasn't been without drama, but that will make the first night we spend snuggled up in our beautiful, new, cozy home 200 gallons of bleach and paint we pour over it, all the more sweet. 

This house has been neglected for some time, it needs a lot of work.  The property is big and overgrown.  Our measley tool box and puny lawn mower will not do the trick, so we have compiled a hearty to-buy list.  We've been saving up for this for years, now it is time to spend. Here's just some of what we need to buy:
1. 25 ft ladder
2. Chain saw
3. Riding lawn mower
4. perhaps a chipper
5. new furnace
6. all appliances

Do you know what I've purchased so far for this house that we don't even own yet?

This couch.
I'm sure it will do a great job mowing the lawn, washing laundry, heating the house and microwaving hot pockets.

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