Upstream & Downstream

My family tree isn't a complicated one.  In simple terms, I have a mom and also a daughter.  Metaphorically speaking, I think that I am generationally surrounded by a single personality.

This one:

 Case in point. If you tell my mom there are no more skinny cow chocolate bars (and the truffle variety doesn't count and is not permissible in her freezer), you get the same look my daughter gives me when I tell her we're out of eggo waffles.

 Now try telling them you've already checked the garage freezer for a stray box, and come up empty:

 And NO, you will not "go to the store real quick to pick up some more"

 further looks of silent, unchanging disapproval.


unyielding. PASSIONATE displeasure.


Ok FINE. You WILL go to the store and get her some more. If she will just. stop. making. that. FACE.

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