If I had the time

If I had some free time I think I'd like to keep bees.  Or acquire a basic understanding of engineering and carpentry.  I would feel SO empowered if I could build things or understand engineering (like how do they know how to build the retaining wall supporting the earth on the west side of I5 in the curves?).


Anonymous said...

The retaining wall on I-5 is held in place by pile driving steel I-beams into the ground and then they drilled sideways into the bank and installed tye backs so the wall would not lean out at the top and then pumped in mortar to set the tye backs. They do the same in downtown for large buildings until they can get the foundation in place. The contractor doing the freeway work is on his game. They are replacing two bridges that had wood componets that were failing. I am surprized you notice that kind of stuff. The bridge they are building next to the Ross Island is very intresting to see it go up. It will be a suspension bridge for light rail and bikes? The two red tower cranes have self jacking systems that allow them to jack themselves up and slide in extenstions. That way they can go as high as they want and they come down the same way. Uncle Bart I have some books on bees you can read in your spare time!

Hans and Elizabeth said...

I can always tell which comments are from my dad before I get to the bottom, because of his spelling errors. I love it. He's "surprized".... even with auto corrects GALORE, he still just sticks to "Guess and Go!"

Anonymous said...

In defense of my brothers spelling, we are tone deaf. We have to spell by memory plus we have technical limitations like how do you apply spell check to the comment box?