Happy Birthday Poppa/Papa

We are having a family identity crisis as my dad goes by "poppa" which he spells "papa" and I spell "poppa." Either way, it is this guys birthday and I am so, so thankful for him in my life.

He worked hard for us, always getting lame things like new work boots for Christmas - and levi's if he was lucky.

Growing up he taught me that I am intelligent, valued, beautiful and worthy of a man who honors me.

He is supportive and enthusiastic about everything I do.  He is my biggest fan.

He taught a knots and ropes lesson at my girl scout (read: horrendous excursion with barely tolerable at best pre-teen girls, none of whom cared about knots and all of whom cared about telling ghost stories after lights out and gossiping) camp out where he rigged something on fire sliding down a rope into the campfire, which I'm pretty sure in retrospect was a serious fire hazard being that we were in old growth mt hood area forested land- but thoroughly impressed all of my friends and gained me girl scout camp out notoriety and popularity.

He loves my daughter like she is his own

and my son too.

As a testament to my Dad's loving ways, here is a video of Johonna answering questions about her Poppa.  Based on her answers it is clear that she believes that SHE is his reason for living- and he makes us ALL feel like that.  love you dad!


Anonymous said...

this made me cry i am so lucky to have him in my life. he is great at everything he does especially raising loving kids. ooxx

Hans and Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Casey!!! I hope you had the most amazing birthday :)