Trying not to take them for granted

I have no unique & profound words about the horrific shootings that haven't already been expressed by others. But I do have some unique & profound children that I am inspired to savor all the more. Just so I don't forget....
The other night I was hugging Luke & I told Jo, "Did you know that God picked Daddy for me to marry, and God has someone picked out for you too?" She said, "YES!!! Who is he?" I said, "Well, he will be a kind man, and an honest man-" "OH OH OH! I know! JESUS!!!!" She said.
We had a guy come out to give us an estimate on new windows. He sat at the dining room table and was gesturing toward the back of the house with a flat hand, his palm facing away from him. Jo ran in and jumped up twice, trying to give the guy the high-five she assumed he was waiting for. He was pretty tall and she missed both times. He was totally oblivious to her efforts, but it entertained me to no end.
At Trader Joe's, Jo is all about pushing the tiny kids cart around. They're hard to control and since we were in the (very crowded) frozen food aisle I pulled her & her cart in between me & my cart to keep her from assaulting the ankles of innocent shoppers. She has been in rare form lately and so she said in a VERY loud, indignant voice, "Are YOU KIDDING ME!?!?" I saw people stiffen and purse their lips, pretending not to have heard. But I started laughing, I couldn't help it. And I wonder why Jo doesn't take me seriously.

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Nina said...

They are God's precious gifts!!! No greater time spent than with them. I had someone tell me when my little girls were very young....you have to make memories to have them. Those words keep me creative in giving my grown children and grandchildren memories to keep. What a great job you're doing of giving your own family sweet memories. Blessings to you for this Christmas and the new year!