Uncle Bart, Craftsman


This is my Uncle Bart:

He is a fantastic uncle.

The previous owners of our house had some trees cut down & milled here.  They left the lumber for us.  My Uncle Bart, who built his own vacation home recently and has always been a talented carpenter, was intrigued by the wood.  As Luke & I are NOT talented craftsman (and don't even own a saw), we told him he was free to take his pick of the lumber. So he picked out a few boards and in trade, kindly used his Tahoe to tow our 26 foot Uhaul out of our front yard on Thanksgiving around 6pm.  We definitely got the better end of the trade.

And then yesterday, look at what I spied through my front window:

Anytime something comes wrapped in dust cloths and saran wrap, it is a good sign.

I started to unwrap

and was blown away!

He made this for us.  He left his signature on the underside,

but I'll also be attaching this sweet note so that someday when this is passed on to my kids' children they'll know all about this special Uncle Bart.

PS- I had to scramble some of the words that were top secret content.

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Ashley Ropp said...

Okay that is SO cool. What a badass Uncle!