The moment of salvation

After posting about Jo & Jesus I feel compelled to expand on a few things.  I believe that when you invite Jesus into your heart, from then on he is with you while you're alive and also after you die. I recognize that my sweet daughter is impressionable, and wants to do what I do & be like her momma.  So did she ask Jesus to live in her heart because I proposed the idea, or of her own accord? I don't really know, but Jesus does.  And I believe that he is crystal clear on the moment of salvation, when a person willingly, intentionally, and honestly asks Him to dwell in them. So while I'd like the peace of mind of knowing with 100% certainty that my daughter has the holy spirit flowing through her tiny soul, I recognize that I can only be assured of my own salvation.  I will say, though, that kids sometimes have a profound clarity on things we stumble over as adults.  So perhaps Jo's sweet little prayer was as matter of fact for her as it seemed.  It blessed me to witness.

Jo & Jesus

I recapped the highlights of tonight's bedtime conversation for Jo in a letter- here's an excerpt:
We were upstairs in your big girl bed reading a national geographic book about wolves.  There were some wolf fur coats and you asked about them, and I explained that when the wolves died their fur was made into a coat. And you said, "yes that wolf needs an ambulance to go to heaven."  So then I explained that Jesus takes you up to heaven, not an ambulance.  And you did not think so because it was too far for Jesus to come down here.  Then you said maybe he takes a ladder and I suggested he flies, but I let you know that I'm not exactly sure how it happens.  Then I explained that you get to go to heaven if Jesus lives in your heart, and told you that all you have to do is ask Jesus to live in there and he will.  I asked you if you wanted to ask him to do that and you said YES but then got shy & started & stopped a few times.  I told you that you could just ask him whenever you wanted. And then you said, "Hey Jesus can you live in my heart?" And then I said, "I believe in you Jesus!" and you said it too, and then I said, "I love you Jesus!" And you said, "I love you too, Jesus." And then without missing a beat you started talking about your stuffed animal.  So anyhow, it was so sweet and precious.